Members must be aware that weather conditions can change quickly at any time of the year. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is adequately clothed, shod and provisioned for any situation which may arise during a walk.

Unless otherwise stated, please bring a flask meal for all rambles.

1.   Local rambles. Meet at the start of a ramble. Please note that bus routes and times are increasingly subject to change and should be carefully checked.

2.   Car rambles.  Both drivers and passengers meet leader at the stated car park.  Drivers are asked to notify the leader if going direct with a full car.  Passengers should show respect and care for the vehicle in which they are travelling.  Wet outer clothing and dirty boots should be stowed in plastic bags.  Passengers should also take care to avoid any risk of damage to cars when getting in and out of the vehicle.  Leaders will announce the amount payable by passengers to their drivers as their share of the costs.

3.   General. Leave leading to the leader who must not extend the walk beyond that described in the book. Anyone wishing to lengthen the walk will do so on his/her own responsibility.  Please endeavour to keep to footpaths and rights of way, close gates and do not leave litter, not even banana skins.  When road-walking, please endeavour to keep to the right. Leaders have the right to cancel or change walks in inclement weather conditions.

4.   Leaders should take into account the abilities of all members in their parties and allow adequate rest stops, especially on steep hills.  If the walk is known to be severely trying, members must be informed before the walk commences.  Members also have a responsibility to select a walk suitable for their abilities and are advised to consider their own welfare, and that of the rest of the group.  They should not inhibit the pleasure of the rest of the party.

5.   Anyone injured or feeling unwell MUST inform the leader who should ensure that such a member is accompanied home.

6.   Any member named as a leader is expected to find a replacement (exchange) if for any reason he/she is unable to lead on the day.

7.   Any accident occurring during Club activities must be reported to the Club Secretary as soon as

possible, by the Leader(s) involved, with a brief outline of the circumstances.

Bolton CHA Rambling Club - Safety Advice

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The Countrywide Holiday Association, (C.H.A.) originally had many holiday centres located throughout the country. In the 1990’s the company ceased trading, however many of the Clubs that were formed have continued to use the name of the Association and have flourished by offering different activities to members.


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