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‘C’ Walks are “Easier” category walks at a slower pace, equivalent to Wednesday No. 3 walks.

22nd June

COACH TRIP – KIRKBY STEPHEN Meet at Bolton bus station (Stand G) for 8.30 start.

'A'/'B' – Bollam Bridge, Millennium Footbridge, Nateby, Lammerside Castle, Carr House, Pendragon Castle,Kirkby Stephen.Approx 9 miles.

'C' – This will be a scenic and low level walk.  It will probably encompass a stretch along the river, the exploration of a castle site, Stenkrith Park and more.  Further details about this lovely walk will be revealed on the day.5-6 miles.

29th June

'A'  LANGDALE PIKES - Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 8.30.  Walk starts at 10.15 from the National Trust CP, New Dungeon Ghyll, Langdale.Loft Crag, Pike o' Stickle, Harrison Stickle, Pavey Ark, Thunacar Knott. Mountain Walk 10 miles 2800 ascent.

'B' – WORTHINGTON LAKES – Meet at Vicarage Road CP for 10.30 start. Blackrod Bottoms, Worthington Lakes, Arley, Haigh.8 miles.

'C' – SUMMERSEAT GARDEN CENTRE – Cars to Hare and Hounds public house, Holcombe Brook.  Walk starts here on Lumb Carr Road (B6214), left at junction with Bolton Road at 10.30.Summerseat Garden Centre, Chest Wheel, Burrs Country Park, Touch Road Farm, Nabbs Farm, Brooksbottom.6 miles.

6th July

‘A’ - GLASSON DOCK – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts from Glasson DockCP (LA2 0BZ) at 10.15.Lancaster Canal, Ellel Grange, Cockerham, Cockersands, Marsh Lane.X.M.

‘B’ - CHAPEL IN THE FIELD – Meet at Moss Bank Park for 10.30 start.Barrow Bridge, Burnt Edge, Wildersmoor, Harts Houses, Chapel in the Field, High Rid Reservoir, Doffcocker Lodge.Y.M.

 ‘C’ - WILCOCKS FARM – 125 bus and cars to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet cars in Lever Park Ave for 10.30 start. Dryfield Lane, Fishermans' Walk, Rivington, Dean Brook, Yarrow East, Dean Brook, Rivington Hall Barn, Horwich.6.5 miles.

13th July

PRESIDENTS WALK: 125 Preston bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet at Lever Park Ave at 10.10 for transport to Rivington Hall Drive for 10.30 start. Bowling Club, Street Drive, Healy Nab, White Coppice, Anglezarke, Overflow Steps, Bowling Club. Please contact  if you wish just to go direct to the Bowling Club without walking for approx time that the walkers with be arriving there. 7 miles.

20th July

‘A’ - WAINSTONES – Meet at Bolton station at 8.45 for train to Piccadilly.  Walk starts at 10.30 from Glossolp Station.Shelf Benches, James's Thorn, B29 site, Wainstones, Cock Hill.X.R.

B’ - HOLE IN ONE – Meet at Turton Tower for 10.30 start.Torra Manor, Golf Club, Turton Bottoms, Wayoh West, Witton Weavers Way, Clough House, Turton Tower.Y.M. 8 miles.  

C’ - WHITE COPPICE – 125 Preston bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Cars to Lever Park Ave for 10.00 to transport passengers to Anglezarke CP for 10.30 start.Kay's Farm, White Coppice, East of Reservoir, Anglezarke CP.6 miles.  

27th July

'A' – KINDER SCOUT – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts at 10.15 at the Lay BY on the A624, 2 miles south of Glossop (GR 034908).Harry Hut, Mill Hill (Pennine Way), Kinder Scout, Kinder Downfall, Red Brook, Kinder Reservoir, Chunal Summit.X.R.

'B' – HAIGH – Meet at Balcarres Arms, Haigh for 10.30 start.Canal, Plantation Gates, Douglas Valley, Haigh Hall Grounds.Y.M.

 'C' –  TORRA BARN – Cars to Eagley Cricket Ground for 11.00 start.Dunscar Fold, Smith Lane, Turton Golf Course, Torra Barn, Lunch at Turton Tower, Eagley.6 miles.

3rd August – COACH TRIP – MALHAM

Meet at Bolton bus station (Stand G) for 8.30 start.'A' – Malham, Janet's Foss, Weets Top, Calton, Airton, Kirkby Malham, Malham.Aprox 9 miles.

'B' – Malham, Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Malham Cove, Malham.8 miles.

'C' – Details will be passed around the coach on the day of the trip.

Full details of all walks will be announced by leaders on the coach. There will be comfort stops on the trip.

10th August

‘A’ - WEST BRADFORD – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00. Walk starts at the Village Hall CP (Post Code BB7 4TE, SD 747447) at 10.15 Grindleton, Lawson House, Beacon Hill, Bradford Fell. X.M. 10 miles.

B’ - WHITE COPPICE – 125 bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet at Lever Park Ave at 10.10 for transport to Rivington Hall Drive for 10.30 start.Dean Brook, Alance Bridge, Anglezarke East, White Coppice, Grey Heights, Street Drive.Y.M.

'C' – WHEATSHEAF CLOUGH – Cars to Turton Tower for 11.00 start.Clough House, Entwistle Reservoir CP, Wayoh Reservoir Extension, Wheatsheaf Clough, Isherwood Fold, Turton Bottoms, Turton Tower.6 miles.

17th August

'A' – ARNCLIFFE – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts from Arncliffe, Yorkshire Dales GR SD 9315 7185.  Post Code for Falcon Inn is BD23 5QE.Hawkswick Cote, High Cote Moor, Great Close, Clowder, Yew Cogar Scar.X.R.

'B' – LEAD MINES CLOUGH – 125 Preston bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet at Lever Park Ave AT 10.10 for transport to Rivington Hall Drive for 10.30 start. Dyke Path, Hempshaws, Simms, Lead Mines Clough, Jepsons Gate, Manor House, Overflow Steps, Rivington Hall Drive.Y.M.

'C' – NUTTALL PARK – Cars to Nuttall Park CP, Ramsbottom for 10.30 start.Stubbins, Strongstry, Orwell Vale, Old Railway Line. 6 miles.

24th August

‘A’ - STANAGE EDGE – RAIL RAMBLE – Meet at Bolton Railway Station at 8.40.  Walk starts from Hope Station at 10.30.Whin Hill Ladybower, Moscar Cross, Stanage Edge and Hathersage.11 miles Moderate.

‘B’ - HOLLYMOUNT – Meet at Jumbles CP for 10.30 start.Slack Lane, Hollymount, Two Brooks, Hollymount, Top 'o' Quarlton, Pallet, Turton Bottoms.Y.M.

‘C’ -  ELLERBECK WOODS – Cars meet at the far end of Jubilee Playing Fields (Jubilee Car Park), Adlington (turn left at the Clayton Arms public house) for 10.30 start. Canal Bank, Ellerbeck Woods, River Yarrow, Duxbury Park, Spring Wood, Canal Bank.7 miles.

31st August

'A ' – PINHAW BEACON – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00  Walk starts from layby near Pinhaw Beacon (GR 939472) at 10.15.Lothersdale, Surgill Beck, Elslack Reservoir, Pennine Way.X.R.

'B' – 2 LAKES – Meet at Turton Tower for 10.30 start. Turton Bottoms, Chapeltown, Wayoh Circuit, Barlow Institute, Jumbles. Y.M.

'C' – DOFFCOCKER (New Walk) – 125 Preston bus to Doffcocker public house.  Cars to Doffcocker Lodge CP adjacent to Triangle Chorley Old Road for 10.30 start.Boot Lane, Old Links Golf Course, Sheep House Farm, Tippett House, Moss Bank Park, Doffcocker. Approx 6 miles.

7th September

'A '- ACCRINGTON MOOR – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts at Clough Head CP (Post code BB4 4AT) at 9.45.The walk includes Haslingden, Oswaldtwistle and Accrington Moors plus farmland paths.About 10 miles.

'B' – WIGAN GREAT HEART – Bus and cars to Morrison's CP, Ince for 10.30 start.Top Lock, Haigh Hall, Sinclair Lane, Tow Path, Kirklas/Ince.Y.M.

'C' – MOSES GATE – 524 bus to Moses Gate Country Park.  Cars to bottom CP for for 10.30 start.Top Canal, Ringlwy, Prestolee, Moses Gate.6 miles.

14th September


Meet at Bolton bus station (Stand G) for 8.30 start.'A' – Ambleside, Loughrigg Fell, Silver How, Blearigg, Grasmere.10.5 mountain walk with 2685 feet of ascent.  

'B' -  Loughrigg Tarn, huh High Close, Rydale Cave, Alcock Tarn (possible Heron Pike instead of Alcock Tarn), Grasmere.9 miles and some rough terrain.

'C' - The coffin trail, White Moss Common, Grasmere Water, Red Bank Wood, Loughrigg Terrace, Rydal Water and Park, and bus back to Grasmere.  The OAPs will be able to use their bus passes.  A moderate walk with a few ups and downs.5-6 miles approx.

21st September

‘A’ - FIENDSDALE HEAD – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts at 10.00 from the car park 1.5 miles NW of Chipping GR 602 442.  Blindhurst, Higher Fairsnape, Home House, Hazelhurst, Fiendsdale Head, Fairsnape, Parlick.X.R.

 ‘B’ - WINTER HILL – Meet at George's Lane, Horwich for 10.30 start.George's Lane, Trig Point, Holden's. Hordern Stoops, Bungalow Grounds, Derbyshires.Y.M.

‘C’ - WORTHINGTON LAKES – 575 bus to St Katherine's Church, Blackrod.  Cars park nearby at Vicarage Road CP  for 10.15 to transport passengers to the Tree Barn, Blundell Lane.  Walk starts at 10.30.Blackrod Bottoms, Crawshaw Hall, Worthington Lakes, Arley Hall, Blackrod.6 miles.

28th September


'B' – HOLLYMOUNT – Cars to Jumbles CP for 10.30 start.Slack Lane, Affetside, Two Brooks Valley, Hollymount Top 'o' Quarlton, Pallett, Turton Bottoms.Y.M.

'C' – TURTON GOLF COURSE – Cars to Turton Tower for 10.30 start.Clough House, Wayoh Reservoir, Barlow Institute, Birches, Jumbles, Littermans Bridge, Turton Tower 7 miles.

5th October

'A' – SCORTON – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Stret at 9.00.  Walk starts from the Square, Scorton at 10.00 (outside Scorton Barn PR3 1AU. GR (492488).Wyre Way, Throstle Nest Farm, Grizedale Lea Reservoir, Harrisend Fell, Street Bridge.X.R.

'B' – RIVINGTON CIRCULAR – 125 Preston bus to Lever Park Ave, Horwich.  Meet cars in Lever Park Ave for transport to Rivington Hall Drive for 10.30 start.Dean Wood, Alance Bridge, Jepsons Gate, Manor House, Overflow Steps, Liverpool Castle, Higher Derbyshires.Y.M.

'C' – SAMUEL CROMPTON'S WALK – 507 Harwood bus and cars to Morrison's, Harwood.  Cars park at the back of Morrison's on the road for 10.30 start.Longsight Park, Oaks Lane, Bank Top, Hall 'ith Wood, Firwood Fold, Longsight Park. 5 miles.

12th October

‘A’ - RIBBLE VIEW – Meet at Aldi CP, Higher Bridge Street at 9.00.  Walk starts from the Brownhilll Arms CP (behind the pub and over the railway at 9.45.  GR SD 687 310.Flash Gage, Ramsgreave, Showley Brook, Salesbury, Copster Green, Ribble, Osbaldeston, Mellor Hill.X.M.

‘B’ - STONE CIRCLE – Meet at Turton Tower for 10.30 start.Stone Circle, 3 Lowes, Wayoh West, Barlow Institute, Turton Bottoms, Jumbles East.Y.M.

‘C’ - 7 ACRES/LEVERHULME PARK LONG TRAIL – Walk starts at Oakenbottom Road, Off Bury road at 11.00.7 Acres Park and Leverhulme Park, Tonge Trail. 5 miles.

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