Bolton CHA Rambling Club

The Friendly Ramblers

Covid-19 Guidelines


Guidelines may change, all walkers should be aware of any changes, to reduce risks & maintain safe walking. 

These guidelines must be followed

1. If any walker has any of the well-documented symptoms of covid-19, they must not be going on a walk. They should follow the appropriate government guidelines as issued.

2. People who are vulnerable or caring for vulnerable people should consider the situation before going on a walk. 

3. The nominated walk leader must carry out a recce of the walk beforehand and may split the group into smaller sub-groups to help social distancing, or to reduce risks on the walk based on, but not limited to, walk route conditions or adverse weather conditions. 

4. If weather conditions have made the planned route riskier, then the walk leader may change the route or cancel the walk if deemed not safe. This will be communicated through the normal channels e.g., email, facebook group / page, website bulletin

5.  Should the weather forecast leading up to a planned walk be potentially dangerous e.g., snow and ice on roads, it is the walker’s responsibility to check with the relevant walk secretary, (listed in footnote of all club communications emails) that the walk is going ahead as planned.

6. Walk leaders will make a note of the number of people (not names) actually on the walk. This information should be sent to the general rambles secretary and will be used to help future walk planning. 

7. The walk leader will give a briefing at the start of the walk to highlight any areas of risk, and to remind people of the need to follow covid-19 guidelines as appropriate. 

8. It is the responsibility of all walkers to ensure they follow the appropriate covid-19 guidelines whilst out walking. This includes, but is not limited to, having a face covering and hand sanitiser with them. 

9. Car sharing must follow government guidelines in place on the date of the walk. 

10. With the exception of car rambles, the above should be read in conjunction with the rambles general rules and guidance information page on this website